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I first  started rallying in Belgium in 1980 with a fellow club member Rod Wiltshire he had plenty of experience and a quick car Ford G3 BDA 250bhp.

He asked me to co-drive for him and we did several events with our best result being 4th overall and first British crew.

The closed roads of Belgium were fanstastic and compared to the tarmac events in the UK, it was like daylight night road rallying and l was hooked.

Also co-drove for Richard Ive in his 260 Bhp Mk1 Escort and our best result was 3rd overall & 1st UK Crew on the Ypres Rally.   

The F.I.R.C. started in 2009 and l managed to get cash sponsorship from Corbeau Seats UK, giving only UK drivers a chance to win the prize fund.

Teaming up with co-driver Dick Athow in 2019, after many years, he was back in the hot seat, he had never  rallied in Belgium or used pace notes before so it was going to be a big learning curve.

However we managed to keep it all together and we won the 2019 Sprint Stage Rally Championship. Pictured to the right.

For any information go to the FIRC website, FB page for the latest info or The Belgium Connection for help with requirements for you and your car.

If you are thinking of competing in Belgium you & your car needs to comply with FIA regs.

I am told you do not need a Carnet/ATA if you own the car and its registered and insured by you and have a green card for Tow car, rally car and Trailer must be under 3000kg. I have Not Tested that Yet.

Contact me on 07818 206265 for info on your car or just a chat, events or Corbeau Seats UK special deals on products.

​The 2022 Flander​s Rally Challenge starts with round one The Salamandre Rally April 16th/17th based about 2 hours from Calais, one of the two rounds that are this far South the others are all around the Ypres area about an hour from Calais.

Lets hope the Covid-19 outbreak is under control by then.

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