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After 2019 the F.R.I.C. Belgium deceided to discontinue the classes based on the year of manufacture for historic cars and base it on Engine cc.

This would mean the 1498​cc Cortina GT would be now competing against the 1600 Escorts and the like, now titled  Class H2.

So to be competitive a new all steel Historic Twin Cam Lotus engine was fitted, built by ex Lotus engineer Nick Adams, now producing a reliable 160Bhp 125lb torque.

The MSUK told me I had to check the history of a Cortina GT fitted with a Lotus engine,  that must have entered and finished on an FIA rally in order to comply with the H.V.I.F. Historic Vehicle Identity Form.

I was lucky to find that the Ford Works driver Henry Taylor did just that in 1963 prior to the release of the Lotus Cortina.

The event was the 1963 Liege-Sophia-Liege he finished 4th.

The current car spec: Lotus Engine, SCCR Gearbox, Alloy Fuel Tank, Heated Screen. 4.9 Lsd, Grp 4 Minilte wheels, Grp 4 Bilstein Suspension,  Adjustable pedal box, New Corbeau Seats and 6 point Harnesses and based on his works car.

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