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Special prices to Club members and Championship Contenders

Please note : l do not make any profit from the sale of Corbeau products just get the best deals l can.


This is the latest way to put out fires that works, leaves no residue, longer discharge times than plumbed in systems.

Lightweight, 15 year shelf life, No requirement to service, CE certified, Totally harmless, Non pressurirsed. Go to the Fire Safety Stick website and watch for yourself.

It is used by One F1 team using 70 100sec units as a back up and the  FIA & MSA are considering the product.

Retail price :    50 seconds  £74.50 each inc vat.    100 Seconds £ 104.40 each inc Vat.


Discount  for club members, for this members will need  to get together to place an order for 12 of the  50 Sec units at £69.50 each inc vat,  but plus delivery.

For More info or to get a quote on either products email me on Please watch the video link below.

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